4 Reasons To Choose Zombie Computers

4 Reasons To Choose Zombie Computers

In the present times, our livelihoods are stored and concealed in our devices, and computers serve as the hub for this information. When you experience computer failures it can create an entire life malfunction. Between work, school, and schedules our devices are too valuable to live without, and not easily replaced. Read on to see four reasons Zombie Computers are the best lifeline for your computer rescue.

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24-Hour Response Time to All Inquiries

There’s usually more to a computer issue than unplugging it and plugging it back in (but seriously, try it first). Zombie Computers will reply to any and all inquiries within 24 hours to ensure we can discuss your issue with you. Oftentimes we don’t need the physical device in-hand to diagnose or assess the problem, and can provide a remote repair. Whatever the issue, we’ll get you a quote, or schedule your repair by the next day.

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72-Hour Completion Time on All Services

The rapid turnaround extends from the customer service to the repair. At Zombie Computers, we usually have your computer ready for you by the next day. In some cases, if replacement parts have to be ordered, it becomes a top priority to ensure completion of all services within 72 hours. We bring your computer back to life fast, so you can get back to life.

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Number One Computer Repair Business in Long Island

Around Long Island, if anything needs a fix, that fix needs to happen in a New York minute. You don’t just need a fix, but you need a quality repair and solution to the problem. No one wants a quick fix, and for lasting, quality results, Zombie Computers is the number one computer repair business in Long Island. We understand because of our name, you may have to read for yourself to believe.

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Staff Dedicated to You, Not a Paycheck

We are passionate about computer repair, and finding solutions for your computer problems. Our technicians will determine the issue and recommend a computer repair solution that will get your system back on track while allowing you to stay in control of the costs. Sometimes we don’t even charge you!

Sadly, computer deaths happen everyday. They are tragic, and we take them very seriously, as we do any electronic tragedy. Which is why we pride ourselves on believing in the longevity of all computers. Zombie Computers is here to bring them back to life! Call us or visit or connect with us online because you don’t have to hit restart.