These Computer Repair Services DO NOT include parts.

All Jobs Completed Within 72hrs

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We can complete any computer repair project in less than 3 days. However, if you require same-day services to fix your computer, then contact us!

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Monthly Subscription Plan

If you feel your computers are likely to need multiple treatments down the road to entirely fix their issues, we have the solution for you. Our monthly subscription plan is just $9.99 per month (per computer)!

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Slow PC Repair/Clean Up

Is your computer running slow, freezing, erratic, or getting pop-ups? Do you need the best virus removal in the West Babylon 11704 area or in Long Island? Zombie Computers specializes in all types of computer virus removal, cleaning, and repair for both Windows and Mac computers. This includes trojan virus removal, spyware removal, adware removal, email virus, virus alert, and all malware virus situations in a safe manner.

Sometimes using a malware removal tool alone doesn’t eliminate all malwares, so you need to be experienced in knowing how to safely and efficiently remove viruses from a PC or any other type of computer. Using a trojan virus remover by itself doesn’t always work either. Zombie Computers scans and cleans hard drives, finds and erases malware & pop-ups, ​and defrags PCs while cleaning up their histories and cache files. In the end, you will experience a drastic increase in computer performance speed!


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Windows/Mac OS Recovery

If you are having issues with your Microsoft Windows /MacOS operating system and need to get Windows/MacOS installed or repaired in New York, your first course of action is probably seeking out Windows repair options. But when your PC reaches a stage where no amount of repair or troubleshooting can return it to normal, you will need to look at reinstalling Windows/MacOS. Windows/MacOS recovery is an important strategy for treating problematic PCs. By starting over with a clean copy of the operating system, you can remove bloatware, wipe out malware, and fix other system problems.

Instead of installing Windows 10/MacOS by yourself, reach out to experienced technicians at Zombie Computers. Attempting to install the OS independently is troublesome because you may not know how to handle the issues that emerge.

You should know that Windows 7 is still the best and most stable Microsoft Windows operating system. So if you are looking to recover a Windows OS, you should choose to repair Windows 7 or install Windows 7. Zombie Computers can safely and efficiently provide this service for you at an affordable cost. Likewise, if you are having Windows 7 startup repair issues, we can fix those too.

For MacOS High Sierra and above included foe Mac

Before beginning the recovery process, you need to back up all of your personal data. While you should back up your data regularly, it is especially important to do so before reinstalling an operating system. The next course of action will be to test your hard drive by running an onboard diagnostics tool to make sure that is not the cause of your problems. If everything checks out fine, then you are free to continue performing the reinstall.


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Laptop Screen Repair

Zombie Computers can help you replace your cracked laptop screen, whether you need a touchscreen or a traditional screen.




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Damaged Hardware Replacement

If a piece of your computer is damaged, let Zombie Computers replace the parts for you.

The price of the hardware is NOT INCLUDED (most parts will have to be ordered according to your model number).


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Data Recovery

If you have lost any pictures or documents, Zombie Computers can recover them for you. Our data recovery service is only for lost or deleted files, not broken hard drives.

$100 PER 32 GB flash drive



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Website Building

Within the timeframe of 48 hours, Zombie Computers constructs everything you need from scratch, including social media pages! We are experienced in building websites ranging from Shopify to WordPress.